Noel Deis

Noel Deis hails from Dallas,Texas and comes from a musical family which includes both parents and both grandparents on both sides all being accomplished classical pianists. While having played virtually all musical styles along the way, including a still-active interest in classical piano, he gained extensive experience in Texas playing in numerous rock and blues-influenced projects. Among these was a band formed in the front bedroom of his mother's house in Dallas called Blackbird which included Stevie Ray Vaughan among it's members. This particular project brought together some of Dallas's most accomplished musicians at the time and was heavily influenced by the Allman Brothers, particularly Greg'\ Allman's tasteful but powerful use of the Hammond B3 organ. Stevie took on the Duane Allman slide parts with an eye toward blazing his own way as a great slide player and indeed became a fabulous slide player in this band, a fact hardly mentioned at all in the copious information available about him to this day. This band later led him to Austin, Texas with it's vibrant blues, rock, and R&B influences, where Noel participated in projects with Derek O'Brien, W.C. Clark, and Angela Strehli, all upcoming Austin blues artists at that time.

When the Midnight Rider Band project was offered, Noel readily agreed to participate because of the Allman Bros' amazing music, it's deep connection with his earlier musical development, as well as the stellar musicianship present in the Midnight Rider Band. As Noel states, "the Hammond B3 is part of my DNA and always will be."